Why is there a large gap between my sales and payout balance?

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Most of my sales come in lumps when I put up a new item/release so a lot of my payouts are lumped together. Today I noticed that even though I did $5.9k in sales (including money collected for shipping), that my payout balance was only about $4.2k. I know Shopify fees (for my store/plan) are 2.9% + $0.30/order, however this seems to be a larger discrepancy between the two amounts than just a couple hundred dollars in for fees.


I tried to look around on other posts but I couldn't find a straight answer since I only use Shopify as a payment portal. I don't have PayPal or any in person point of sales for my store.


I've noticed there was a larger difference like this for my past few releases, but I never gave it too much thought until I noticed that it seems to be way higher than the fee percentage would equal out to.


Any help to figure out why there is a large gap between the sales and the balance being shown on my account would be appreciated!


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