Why isn't my address autocomplete feature working in Israel?

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I don’t use Shopify Plus yet, but I really want to use the Address Autocomplete feature (so that the client sees hints when typing the delivery address in the checkout).

This page says that Israel is not included in the list of countries.
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Here is an example of an Israeli shopify-store, where hints pop up in the checkout when typing the address.
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My store is engaged in the delivery of wine in Israel, that is, my clients need to check and offer addresses only within Israel area.
Entering the address will be in both English and Hebrew.

Question - why doesn't autocomplete address work for my shop? ("Settings-Checkout-Use address autocompletion" already ticked).

Thanks you!

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Hello, has anyone else experienced the same problem?

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Hello Peter,

I realize this is an old post and perhaps you have found a workaround for your problem. The Soho Center website can offer autocomplete on their checkout page because they are on the Shopify Plus plan which lets you customize the checkout page code. I hope this helps

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Thanks for the comment.
Yes, I already found out that Soho has a shopify plus plan.
Unfortunately, I still haven't found a solution for my store (as well as for all DO NOT shopify plus plan stores).
Attempts to embed the code on your own through the Google Maps API were unsuccessful, for mere mortals, access to editing the checkout.liquid is closed.