Why isn't my first shipment being collected by the transporter?

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Hi All, I have a serious problem in that my very first shipment has not been collected by the transporter   I did the shipping label through Shopify as per instructions and dropped the parcel off at the DPD pick-up point and that’s where it ended. It’s been there for six days and the contents are perishable and I cannot retrieve the parcel from the pickup point either. The contact number for DOD is totally unreachable as well. This begs the question that if we get preferential discounted rates on transport does this put out packages on the un- urgent list. I am at a crossroad as to whether I continue with Shopify or not as I have other shipments to fulfill and am apprehensive to go through the Shopify shipping label thing and end up with the same issue. You just cannot get to talk to a human anymore. Please help!!

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hi @MikeCheryl ,


That's not good. The entire shipping industry relies on volume discounts, so there's no chance of receiving lower priority due to Shopify discounts.


Please follow up with Shopify Support and also contact DPD with the tracking number you have.

Until you've sorted this out, do not send any more packages via this route.


You might consider obtaining a Royal Mail Account, processing shipments outside of Shopify, and using manual fulfillment to update the tracking number. You can also explore using an app for automation once you have more orders to process.

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