Why isn't Shop Pay syncing with Local Pick Up at checkout?

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Hi All,

My client is facing an issue with checkout related Shop Pay express checkout that I can wrap my head around especially since the checkout experience is locked down.

***This online store only offers in store pick up

When a customer goes to checkout and selects Shop Pay the delivery method of "local pick up" is NOT propagated over, so the shop page remains frozen as it try's to calculate a shipping price for an item that does not support shipping. This is preventing customers from checking out. 

However I have noticed that if customer selects "continue to payment" (aka NOT selected Express shop pay button) .... and then goes back ( clicks "return to information") .... and then clicks express checkout shop pay button, only then does shop pay properly capture the correct delivery method. So something about moving to payment page and then back is adding something useful to the session that then allows shop pay to behave as expected ..... but this is not a normal flow for customers, I was only able to find this through many trails of trying to understand. the bug.

I have included some images to help visualize this issue (images include: check out page where Express Shop Pay button is clicked. Image of frozen shop pay screen due to trying to calculate shipping. And then another image of a proper shop pay screen with "local pick up" captured)





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We too are having this problem and Shopify seems unable to fix it 48 hours later, we are actually going to have to turn shop pay off and tell our customers not to use it, which is sad as we have really encouraged them to use it to check our faster. 

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You can turn shop pay off? Where do I go to do this? Sounds like the best option right now.

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Hello - I am having this same issue. Did you ever find a solution? Right now I am having to refund customers who pay shipping but would like to pick up in the store. 


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Unfortunately no official solution, I ended up just disabling shop pay as a payment method in order to avoid customers running into the issue

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We are also having this issue with Shop Pay.

Currently we also had to turn this payment option off.  

Would be happy to find a resolution if there is one. 

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Did anyone ever find a solution to this? We have a client with same issue currently.

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