Will unpaid orders reduce stock?

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Hello! I've got a beginner question.

Will unpaid orders reduce the stock?

I ask this because I have a manual payment method. So I was wondering what would happen if someone makes an order now and pays later for the only item in stock but in the meantime someone else puchases the same item with a regular payment gateway or paypal?

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Yes they will!

In our Easter Island music store RapaMusic we use this all the time! For example, let's say we only have one local 8-stringed turtle-shaped ukulele left, and a person enters our store to buy it. This person doesn't have the money until the end of the month. We always in these cases create the order (adding customer info is extremely important, to later know who owes us money) and mark it as unpaid, so that no one can buy this same ukulele online when it's out of stock.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you are creating the unpaid order in the POS app, you must know that it has a serious bug. When adding a customer, the name and e-mail is registered, but the phone number is not! Until this is fixed (I really hope very soon), you must take note of the phone number somewhere else.