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I am looking to move to Shopify, however looking for costs involved with using Worldpay as the payment option. Can't seem to find any costs on this, on Worldpay's website either. Does anyone know if there are any set up costs and how to find out the rate per transaction charge?


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I didn't use Worldpay for online transactions, but I used them for my brick and mortar when I first opened up because I didn't know any better. There is no way for you to determine what your cost is going to be. They charge you by the type of card - or at least, what they tell you the type was. For example, if the card gives airline points, you get charged more. If it's a Visa card and the account was opened on a Tuesday, you get charged more (kidding, but you get the idea). There was no way to look at the invoice at the end of the month and trace back any of the charges to anything concrete, unless maybe if I had taken a photo of each card and asked each customer what bank issued it and what the terms were and track all the info. Which of course is illegal. But that type of information is what they were using to charge me. And of course I had to take their word for it. The hidden monthly charges were in the hundreds of dollars, plus the swipe fees and % of sale. So if they quote you a percentage and a swipe fee, you will end up paying a much higher effective rate.

When I switched to Square, Worldpay still insisted on charging me a couple of hundred bucks a month for a couple of months until quarter-end - just to NOT use their service. Even so, I was still saving money. They are crooks. Even though Square has a higher percentage than the other guys will quote you, there are no hidden fees and you end up paying less. I have to admit they have annoyed me by adding swipe fees (it used to be just flat percentage) and I swore I'd shop around to see what others are offering but have been just too busy to deal with it. There may be other processors that will end up with a lower effective rate. And for my online store, I just use Shopify Payments (which when I signed up was Stripe) because they'll charge you extra to use another service and their rates are about the same as what others charge for online payments. But in any case, I'd STRONGLY advise against using Worldpay. 

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Hi Rachel,

I can help, I work for WorldPay and help a number of people with their Shopify site.

I’ve read the previous post and we do charge per card type. When I quote for Shopify customers I always include Shopify costs for payments.

The gateway is a direct integration full compliant with PSD2. If you researched WorldPay in this community you’ll know WorldPays own gateway isn’t compliant - took me a few months of research but I found a gateway that is.

checkout my LinkedIn profile for contact details:



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hi. i wonder if you can help. we currently have WorldPay direct, lately we are having a lot of issues with reclining payments. i sought support from shopify and have advised we should switch to WorldPay Offsite. how do we do this?

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Hi Mav, give me a call 07366 561 548.