Worldpay with Shopify - PSD2 compliance

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Has anybody been able to use Worldpay as payment provider and make their Shopify shop a PSD2 compliant?

Shopify seems to have to options for Worldpay, there is Worldpay (direct) and Worldpay (offsite).

The problem is that Worldpay (direct) is not PSD2 compliant since there aren't any Strong Customer Authentication. 

And with the Worldpay (offsite) the problem is that Worldpay says that it's build with their legacy gateways which they are plan to shut down and don't want to take new customer for it anymore.

Also services like which are sometimes recommended to add security don't support Worldpay.

For reasons outside of my power we are forced to use Worldpay since we used it for multiple other things besides eCommerce.

If somebody is a familiar with this subject all information is highly appreciated. If there is experts on this I am willing to hire them to make this work.



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Hi, I can help with this I work for WorldPay and help a number of Shopify clients.

Please checkout my LinkedIn profile for contact details:



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Hey JTM1, 


I am in a similar situation. Did you manage to find a solution to make Worldpay (direct) PSD2 compliant?



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In the same situation