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Wrong description on shipping label tax declaration

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I discovered the bug with buying shipping labels.

Today. On the labels instead of description that i entered: "scale doll apparel" it appears a full HS code description: "Tricycles, scoters, pedal cars and" that is the HS 950300. 

I wonder if it is something wrong with my account or all shops get affected? Anyone did international shipping with USPS or UPS? For me both are affected today. 

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We've noticed the same issue with our labels printed with Canada Post/USPS.  The product description has been substituted with a the generic HS tariff code category description rather than the actual product description.  The declarations look weird since now our model train track products are listed as "Tricycles, scooters...".

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Exactly. In my case it is clothes for scale dolls. I can imagine custom officer may get upset then 1oz package say: "Tricycles, scoters, pedal" and there are just a fabric peace inside. 

Support was saying they going to fix it. But they don't. Finally, i chat with someone else today. Who told me it was intentional change as many packages were returned by EU customs. And this is a workaround to comply with regulations. 

Still, it is a wrong answer as it is a shop responsibility to deal with customs. Shopify should not intervene, although they could change default behavior, but correct functionality should not be revoked. 

I wonder why noone else complain on it. Am i only the shop affected? Or no one use default shopify methods for shipping? 

It renders UPS unusable. If you have 10 items, It takes about 5 pages for each declaration and you need 3 copies of them. Results in 30 pages of: "Tricycles, scooters,
pedal cars and
similar wheeled
toys; dolls'
carriages; dolls;
other toys;
('scale') models
and similar
models, working or
not; puzzles of all

And you sign for it 🙂 

It just cost me money to print it. 



And here is a solution for USPS, they truncate the text


Use pen works 🙂