Your Favorite 3PL Companies for US

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I feel like there must have been previous discussions about this, but I couldn't find any. I'm not sure if it's because of my lack of searching skills or if it is just not a topic that has come up.

I've been looking in to 3PL companies for a few weeks now, and there are so many options. I know that there are differences for every business, but I'm sure there are similar businesses that have found logistics companies their happy with.

I have small, prepackaged items that are ready to be sent out. Based on the last month, I'm projecting that we'll sell approx. 200 of these boxes next month.

Most of our orders are within the US, concentrated on the East Coast, but I'm also looking for a company that has decent international shipping rates as well.


Thanks in advance if anyone has any advice/recommendations/input! I'll try to remember to update this when I find a partner I'm happy with so others can reference it.

If you have any questions or want more detailed feedback, you can email me anytime at

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You need an order fulfillment company which similar to Amazon FBA in the East or Middle if there you have the most clients, however, if there are around 200 packages per month, you do not have to outsource as it can be done easily and you can save cost. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent
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A lot of good options out there but most require minimums much higher than 200 units.  We are a fulfillment company based in NY.  Currently shipping 300 units/month for one of our customers.  If you want to try us out, we can help and we offer same day Delivery in the NYC area.  Let me know if we can help. 

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LOL right, I couldn't choose as well when I started... but I've had about 3 already.

Currently, I'm with this 3PL company - I've been with them for years now. They're called Red Stag Fulfillment. Pretty sure they can do it I'm just not sure about the volume.