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All aboard...this disaster express that @Shopify has created. I'm reading countless cases of people with the same issue and as a business owner myself, I don't see why the issues never been resolved internally.


Like most of you @Shopify startups I decided to open a new shop as I've grown tired of Squarespace. Everyone suggests @Shopify and poof I startup and generate sales. Behold my account is placed under review 2 days prior to my first payout as one of their "standard reviews". What a inconvenience, I feel robbed. Now I have to wait for I have no clue how long for a response on the matter. All I do is sell clothes to "real" people what is the big issue. Can I please have my money to buy materials, Im a small startup. Please can someone from support fix my account?

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Hi there, @amongstfrnds


I definitely hear your concerns regarding this situation. I have responded to your inquiry on this thread as well as providing an alternative during this hold. 


As always, we thank you for your understanding and patience regarding our internal processes on the platform. 

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