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I have a store in Shopify in Qc, Canada. How can I choose different prices and setting for shipping inside Canada. For example : a price for Qc, another one for Ont, and all other provinces in a third zone. Possible ? Thanks for helping.


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Hey Marc!

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You can definitely split up the provinces into different shipping zones for Canada. This can be accomplished by removing the provinces (i.e. Ontario and Quebec) from the overall Canada shipping zone by clicking "Edit" -> then creating new shipping zones for them, each with their own shipping rates. For example, if you take a look at this screenshot, this is what I have created.

I hope this helps and have a lovely weekend!


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Hi. I don't see the step by step of how to apply the Zones and Provinces. Can you please explain this a little more in details as I dont see this option in Shopify Shipping area.

Thank you

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Hi @YogiCameron,

I hope this guide gives you a very clear understanding of Zones and Provinces: Setting up Shipping zones. The guide explains how to set up the zones and add zones based on postcodes. 

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