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Domínio apontamento de DNS

Domínio apontamento de DNS

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Olá! Tenho um domínio na HOSTINGER, fiz o apontamento para shopify a alguns dias. Estou tentando conectar e a shopify está dando erro de CNAME e A, porém está tudo ok na HOSTINGER. Como resolver isso?


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Good evening I contacted Shopify several times and heard that everything was fine with my webshop. Now I find out after 1.5 years of e-mailing with shopify and adjusting my webshop that it is due to the checkout where if you choose Ideal payment you will not be forwarded to the bank. You will receive an order confirmation and the order is came through in the webshop. I'm very angry about this as I asked a lot of help from Shopify and didn't get the right help, but paid $29 every month for 1.5 years. Basically a waste of money, as I have 600/800 visitors/prospects per month. I want urgent help and a solution from Shopify NOW.
Mvg S Dawud