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Additional fields of billing address on checkout page

Additional fields of billing address on checkout page

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We're having an issue with the billing on our shopify, our shop is located in México and we sell in there, but in order to bill customer's purchases we need additional info that isn't in the address/billing form.

This causes us to do work that should be automated with the shopify platform as we have to re-bill these orders with the complete customer billing addresss.


1. I need the address field to be sepparated into two (Calle and Colonia) because some customers aren't putting both info in the same field.

2. I need a "RCF" field and should be marked as optional in case customer needs the bill of the purchase (this is the main cause of the issue, since this info is necessary for billing and its making us re-do the bills for customers that needs it).


I already tried enabling the "Enable custom fields" on the Checkpout Page option in settings but it doesn't show any new fields.


Any workaround for this?




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Hola! El checkout solamente es editadle para Shopify Plus, las demás versiones de Shopify tienen protegido la edición por lo que no podrás agregar el campo RFC. En México existen 2 alternativas para factura directa, fiscalPOP y Facturama. 

Otra alternativa es que crees un formulario para que te lleguen los datos fiscales y emitas la factura.