backup product use case

backup product use case

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I am developing a backup app for Shopify that will take backups of products. My question is, how many use cases are possible when backing up products? For example, one product with a main image and one variant, but the variant does not contain an image, and so on.

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Congrats on choosing to build a backup app!  Rewind was the first Shopify backup app that we launched in 2015 - and as you're finding out backups are definitely required for Shopify merchants!

Are you asking how many combinations there are for products? Hundreds, if not thousands... Shopify allows products to have up to 100 variants - and with metafields you can extend that to essentially an unlimited number of combinations.


Curious as to how you're architecting this where the number of use cases would be important. If you're storing the data in a relational database I can tell you with certainty that you're going down the wrong path.

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