Build Custom Booking App, Directly Modify the Theme, or Just Subscribe to an App?

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Hello Shopify Experts!


I'm new to Shopify and I'm overwhelmed with where to start.


To give you a gist of the requirement:

I have a client with a business that rents out front yard greeting cards by the day, and delivers, sets up, and returns to remove the signs from the customer's yard on the assigned dates/times.


My goal is to set up products inside Shopify that are the card types, with a solution for scheduling the rental days and setup times. We will also need to provide a system to restrict the delivery range and increase the price based on delivery zones.


Specific details:

  • Booking Timeline:
    • The service has to be for 48 hours or more from the booking date. If within 48 hours, there's an additional $25 charge.
  • Location Preferences:
    • Currently, the client increases $25 dollars for every 10 minutes outside of 20 miles. I'm not sure if this can be covered by setting them up in the delivery options within Shopify.
  • Pricing:
    • Single Phrase Greeting: $125
    • Additional Name or Phrase: $15 per every additional 5 letters
    • Additional nights: $50 per night
    • Requested within 48 hours: Add $25
    • Major Holidays: Add $25
  • Admin Side:
    • They're planning to hire more people to the team so they need to manage their schedule and see who's available/not available for which dates and time.
    • No more than 5 bookings per day. Client to be able to increase/decrease the number (ideal but not required).

This is my sample product. Basically, I want the booking functionality to be available to products. It has the custom fields and the updated price but the date and time field is just a text field plus there's no schedule management in the backend.


I saw this booking app which fulfills the booking date, the backend, and possibly the custom fields. However, I don't see it has the capability to update pricing based on the date selected and the other options as well. Now, my question here is - which direction should I go to?


  1. Build a custom booking app - I plan to use the shopify-php-api because I'm a PHP dev but I don't know where to start. Also, I saw here that it's not possible to update the cart if you're not in the Shopify Plus Enterprise Plan. Is this route a no-go from the beginning?
  2. Directly modify the theme - I saw a discussion where the Shopify expert explained that based on the requirements, it can be done with 0 apps. Can this be an option for me (and possibly the best)? If it is, where do I start?
  3. Just subscribe to an app - I might just be thinking everything is complicated when this can be solved by just subscribing to a plan. Can you recommend any apps that can achieve all of the requirements above? The client wants a limited spending of $30/mo but if there's one app that can do all those, I can justify the pricing.
  4. Subscribe to an app and modify it - Is this possible? Like purchasing the cowlendar app and adding my requirements. (I don't think so.)

Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you so so much!

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Hi devsbh,


You solution can be achieved by combining the custom dev in theme and a custom APP.


Custom app will help to set the booking limit and date settings.


Custom code will help to increase the price validation etc.


We can connect to discuss more in more details.

For any custom development WhatsApp or connect at Email ID: for quick consultation. | Shopify Free codes
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Hi @gr_trading, thanks for your reply! Can you elaborate on what I should do?