Displaying multiple metafields as seperate products in Impact theme

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I'm looking for a way to add more metafield data to my products with Impact theme. My webshop is selling phone cases, so it's crucial that the customer can select the phone model and case color/type.


I created the case color/type part as in the tutorial for metafields from here:



But I like to add phone model to the product page too (as a seperate product for each variation combinations). But the 'Product varations' block no longer available, since it's there already. I tried add multiple with comma, but it's not worked.


Saw some similar pages with multiple metafields in dropdown menus but didn't figured out how they did it...


I already contacted the theme's support, but I got no answer yet (it's been 4 days) so I give a try at the community.


Thank you for the help!

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In Shopify you can add multiple metafield to the products you can check tutorials once for cutoff limit, If applicable. 

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Hi @PBoss ,


You are right since section is already their on page and product sections are created to use one time only, this can't be done with existing theme feature.


However you can custom code this feature to fulfill the requirement please refer the below video or website link where we have implement the same.





Hope this will help....

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Hi @PBoss ,


A simpler way to solve the problems you are facing is to use our BSS: Product Variants Options app, which has many interesting features:

- Display Option set with many different variations (image, color, text input, dropdown, checkbox,....)

- Display Options with the conditions you want (all products, specific products, specific collection, tags,...)

- Display addon price according to corresponding options, display addon on product page, cart page, mini cart, display discount box on cart, etc.

- Many other features...

In your case, just install our app and follow these steps:


1. Option sets -> Create new option set


view (9).png


2. Name the option set, then select the type of option you want


view (10).png


You can add many different options and preview them

This is the result:


view (11).png


Hope this will help

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