Hide price on specific products in a collection and on product page

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Hi there, I am looking for support.


I am using Sense Theme for my Shopify store and would love that only certain products have no price on them.

This request is for the collection specific page or when you see the products of our business page. 


I have sorted the problem for the product page using a hide-price and request quote plug-in, but my main issue is I would like to have it dissapear for specific product wherever they are being viewed( general products, collection page etc.). I don't know if it possible, but I need help! Tried to go price 0, but isn' efficient.


Thanks for support in advance 🙂

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Hi Arturaroma,


You could add a tag to the products which you would like to hide prices and then you should be able to set up some logic so that the code to display prices only renders on products without this tag. It would look something like:



{%  unless product.tags contains 'hideprice' %}
  // Code for Price
{%  endunless %}  


This implementation could be different depending on where exactly you would make that change. EG on Dawn (which is the same as Sense) the price is being included, the product card snippet,

which can access product object attributes with the `card_product` variable, so you'd set up the code like:


{%  unless card_product.tags contains 'hideprice' %}
  {% render 'price', product: card_product, price_class: '' %}
{%  endunless %}


Try this out and let us know if you're still having issues. Hope this helps,

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Liam, thanks for reaching out.


Unfortunately my English is not good enough to apply your proposed solution in a correct manner. I know I am asking a bit , but if you could please help me go trough the steps required to implement your code, would be great. As per now the procedure is not clear enough for my specific knowledge, thank you in advance.