Issue with GraphQL products query using savedSearchId and "where collection is"

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I have found an issue when using a products query with the savedSearchId parameter where the results are not what I am expecting. [docs]


Reproduction Steps

  1. Create a custom collection, Collection A
  2. Create some products (Product 1, Product 2, Product 3)
  3. Put Product 1 into Collection A
  4. Create a Saved Search using filter "where collection is Collection A"
  5. Perform the following GraphQL query


    products(first: 25, savedSearchId: "gid://shopify/SavedSearch/1234567890") {
        edges {
            node {


Expected Results

I expect to only see Product 1 in the result.


Actual Results

I see all products. 



The issue appears to be specifically related to the "collection is" filter. I should also note, that the Saved Search result is correct in the Shopify interface. The issue is only with the GraphQL query performed through the API.

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