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1) I've registered the shopify

2) I've created the development store

3) Development store has 17 products

4) I'm trying to get all products with API. and document says that i need to make request and response header will provide previous and next request link for the paging


If user want to visit 5th page, it has click 5 times to the "next button"


Have shopify a real paging something with limit and limit start? It's not a good idea to say "hey you have to click 5 times to next button for visiting 5th page" to the users


* how can i solve this fundamental issue? is there any real paging with shopify api?

* is there any real reason that shopify makes pagination so weird ? i mean something like "shopify servers can not handle it" etc


thanks for the all comments

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Hi Lknls,


Just to confirm - you'd like to be able to specify that you want to navigate to a specific page rather than having to traverse through the individual pages?

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Hello Liam


Lets assume the following things


* i've 5000 products

* 2000 of the products is in the "Shoes" collection

* 1500 of them has minimum 500$ prices


I want to fetch those 1500 shoes with rest API (or any API) with paging. I want to fetch 50 products per request


Thanks for the reply