Pricing Update Issue - priceListFixedPricesAdd Mutation

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Hello team, 

I am able to successfully execute the
priceListFixedPricesAdd mutation, which is designed to update fixed prices on a price list for specific variants in-store. However, despite the mutation executing without any apparent errors, I have not observed the updated product variant pricing values reflecting in the respective markets as expected.

In the given picture below, you can see the output where there are no userErrors, and the payload is also showing the updated price with the correct amount and currency code. However, for some reason, the market price is not being updated as expected.

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 11.13.22 PM.png

To confirm the issue, I have been checking the pricing in Settings > Markets > Country name > Products and pricing. My question is, is this the correct place to confirm the pricing updates, or is there anything else I need to change in the product or product variant settings to ensure the updated pricing values are reflected in the markets?

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