Products API - product sorting/ordering

Products API - product sorting/ordering

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I am currently trying to get all products from a test shop (around 1500 products total) through the REST API, which seems impossible to do?


I am aware there is a limit of 250 products per request, and there is a parameter called "since_id". This would work perfectly if it was possible to sort the products by ID when requesting, but I can't seem to find any info regarding this in the documentation.


By default, the API returns products in alphabetic order from a-z, so if I have product names "Product 1" to "Product 1500", the order of the first four products would be "Product 1, Product 10, Product 100, Product 1000". If it was then possible to grab them one by one instead, it would take nearly 40 minutes due to request limits, and still it wouldn't work correctly. If I'd then add a new product called "A New Product", then this would be the first product but have the last ID, which means no more products would be fetched.


Can it be true that there is no option to order these products from the API? Or am I missing something? Any help is much appreciated!

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i know this is an old thread, but did anybody ever get anywhere with this (sorting the results from the REST API ) ?  I Agree, there should be a 'order_by" available in the call but I see nothing.

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did you ever find a solution to this? i am faced with same issue