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Hi, everyone, I have a doubt with the  "collection/all"  page.


For my particular purposes, I have created a new Collection.

From there, I am handling all my  created products.

So, I have some control from here for the SEO tittle, metadescription, etc.


So, the problem then is that I have two URL's with  same content ( all the Products).


I thing this is bad for canibalization, and SEO. As I have two URL with same content and goals.


I know that " Collection/all" is used by Shopify for handle all the products. Besides i have no direct control for add Title, metadescription...


I have created a Own collection, with same URL name, " collections/all"


Doing that, Now i can control the title and metadescription in "collections/all" URL.


But I still want to know, If would be better add a noindex tag to "collection/all"  ¿¿???


Really, I have my own URL for handle all my products and the " collections/all"  URL seems" to be my own competitor...


AM i Righ????  


Would be good to mark "collections/all" URL with a noindex tag???


Or are there any better way ???


Thanks for your support and time, Miquel.

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Hi Miquel,


I'm not 100% sure I fully understand this issue. If you create a new collection called "all" it will have the URL of `` which overrides the default "All" collection. This means you shouldn't have two separate URLs with the same content, but just one URL (/collections/all) that you now have control over. There should be nothing at ``. 

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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