REST API, occasional 404s returned when setting inventory levels

REST API, occasional 404s returned when setting inventory levels

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As per subject, on occasion I'm logging 404/Not found responses when attempting to set inventory levels for certain variants. However, when retrying the exact same operation at a later date, it goes through as expected.


Since the exact same IDs (location, variant, etc) are being used, I presume this is a problem on Shopify's end.


Here's an example dated 26.04.2023, X-Request-ID: 8e459432-729e-4d06-a895-4380ce3391a2

Same exact inventory level update operation retried today, 05.07.2023, it went through.


I see here on the forums that this issue has been noticed and reported by others (using GraphQL). If someone from Shopify could kindly (and quickly) look into it as it's a pretty serious one as I'd rather not go through the trouble of writing code to "double check" every single operation / API call.



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Hi - thanks for flagging this unexpected behaviour. We're looking into this on our end and will update here asap.

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Thanks, Liam.


I'm glad this is being acknowledged in the first place. Perhaps you could look into this as well (malformed JSONs being returned):


Back to the topic at hand, based on my logs, this 404 is being returned in 0.65% of cases and, judging from a quick search I did here on the forums, it isn't limited to inventory level setting.


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Hello @Liam @sexybit , I am also facing the same issue while trying to update inventory via RESTAPI. is there any update on this issue?