Updated timestamp inconsistent in public products.json endpoint?

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We have a legacy app that occasionally queries the public products.json endpoint (which I understand is old and deprecated) e.g. https://example.com/products.json


We look at the product's `updated_at` field, which until a week ago seemed to be consistent with when the product was actually updated. Now, it seems to always display the current timestamp and is unrelated to actual product updates. Is it possible that this will be fixed?


I realize this is a good reason to move our legacy app to supported APIs, but was hoping to have an answer in the meantime.

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This is likely the trigger for you to pull the data via the API vs a public endpoint. I would not call this something that needs to be fixed and should really only impact scrapers. Scrapers that should be pulling the data can still do so via the API. Those that need to pull the data via the theme code you should still be able to expose the info with Liquid.

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