Variant options with 500+ color codes

Variant options with 500+ color codes

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I'm currently looking for a solution for displaying product options with approximately 500 variants for a single product on Shopify. My online store sells paints, so I need to display around 500 possible color codes for each paint product. Unfortunately, I haven't found a ready-made solution on Shopify that can be adapted for this purpose, except for custom app development. No existing apps offer convenient display for such a quantity of options along with color swatches.


The ideal solution I am looking for would resemble the functionality of these two online shops:

Or you can find screenhots here: 


One potential approach could involve using custom input field on the product page, where the customer could input the color code from a predefined list. However, since the prices for some color codes vary significantly, this isn't a viable option.


I'm reaching out here to seek advice and suggestions on the simplest way to implement this solution. If anyone has experience or ideas on how to achieve this, I would greatly appreciate your guidance.


Thank you!

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From a user experience point of view, showing 500+ colour options is a terrible idea. That's just way too many choices to have within a drop-down menu. 


Your potential solution of just have an input field, where customers can type their colour code is a much better way to handle this. 


If you need different prices for different colours, then you should break up the product into multiple products. 


Ex. Standard Colours, Premium Colours, Deluxe Colours ... where each different 'colour type' product would have it's own list of colour codes, and respective pricing. 


You can then use the 'size chart' functionality (if it's built into your theme), or else a 'size chart' app ( -- but then repurpose it to be a 'colour chart' or 'colour list' ... where it shows the acceptable colours for the specific product (if the customer doesn't know which colour code they need to enter, and just wants to browse the available colours). 


Otherwise, if you're completely certain that you want to list ~500 options, as a drop-down or as 'badges' then you could probably use a Custom Product Options app ( ... but the page would be incredibly long, and super-slow to load (especially if each colour has a 'swatch/image'). 

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Hi @Karolis3,

You should check out the Easify Product Options app as a potential solution for your situation. It could help address the challenge you're facing with Shopify's 100 variant limit per product, especially if you have 500 total color variants. This approach not only simplifies the customer's shopping experience but also allows for easier management of prices and stock levels for each color 🤗.

Here's a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Group your colors into different color groups (e.g., Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Gray).
  2. Create each color group as a product, with each color within that group serving as a variant. Set prices and quantities for these variants as usual.
  3. Use the app to create a Color Group option for customers to choose initially, using the Buttons option type. Then, using the Product list option type to display only the colors of the selected color group for customers to choose from, using the Conditional logic feature. The app's Add-on product feature can link each color option with your existing color product variants.
  4. Optionally, leverage the Modal popup feature of the app to showcase your full product catalog for customers to explore.

Here's a demo:

  • Storefront:




  • App Settings:





Hope you will give the app a try!

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