wanting to add two selling prices for the same product

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Hi there, I am seeing if anyone could help me.

I am wanting to add a option to some of my products where  you can buy one product variant at X but if you buy 2 or 3 of that same variant you get it for Y. 

so on my site I sell balls of yarn.

Single Ball $ or multi Ball $. button I want to be able to change the selling price depending on the product on each button and change the wording on the button. Some of my products have up to 100 variants ( colours ). example: Single ball. ( $10.00) or 3 Balls. ( $9.00) I would like it so the customer can only get the multi ball discount only on one variant ( colour) at a time not spread the discount across the variants.

I have attached a screen from another website on how they do it.

I currently use the Shopify theme Simple

thank you 

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 11.03.50 pm.png

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Hi @matt759 


You can create variant for pack of 10 which will have discounted price.



Or you can create quantity discount from admin.


Best would be to create variant.


Hope this will help...

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