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can someone help me please

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my account inactive Capture.PNGsssssssssss.PNG


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Hello @sesko ,


Welcome to the community forum ! 


First, I'm noticing you're posting in English on the french community part, so I wanted to let you know that I can switch to French if you prefer it.


Regarding your inactive account, it's usually due to an inactivity for 3 consecutive months on your account. You can solve this easily by following a security process to confirm your identity, when logging back to your account, you'll be asked for a ten digit code that should be sent to your email associated to your account. Everything is explained in your documentation which I recommend you to check.

Are you trying to log into your account after a period of inactivity or did the status of your store change suddenly ? 


I'm waiting for your answer and I'm available for any other question you may have. 


Ethan | Social Care @ Shopify 
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