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Est-il possible de m'indiquer comment modifier l'email envoyé aux clients souhaitant recevoir la newsletter (client qui ont coché la case dans le tunnel de paiement) ?

Email ayant l'objet suivant : Confirmez votre abonnement 
Et ce contenu par défaut :


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Impossible de mettre la main dessus dans l'interface malgré de nombreuses recherches.


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Go to: Shopify > Online Shop > Themes > Live-Theme > Actions > Change language > And search for specific words out of the text... for example ... Si vous avez des ... and Shopify will popup the text for you.


And no, you are not allowed to change the text of the 2nd incoming email after a customer accepts your E-Mail-Marketing Opt-In. 

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Thanks for the support,


I found the text in the "change language" part of the interface.
It changes what the customer can see in front, that's a good start.

Unfortunately, the double optin confirmation email, for which it seems impossible to change anything, really looks like a spamming message.All feedbacks from my first users are the same.
They don't understand why they have to confirm an "optin Shopify" as they are on my website and they don't know what Shopify is...


From a marketing point of view, this is a nonsense.

It's really weird not to be allowed to modify this notification content.


Moreover I don't understand when this notification called "email marketing" is used.
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Thanks a lot for your support