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My website is totally copied

My website is totally copied

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Hello everybody,


Next week, i notice a weird origin of data on my Facebook Pixel : a domain name really close to my domain name  started to send data to the facebook pixel... I tried to reach that domain on the web  and discovered that this domain  was online! The content is totally duplicated like a mirror to my domain, is linked to my originals domains with the  language switcher . The copied domain  is linked to my domain is linked in such a way that the copy is instantaneous so that any change on my original brand content from my original website is reflected to the website that violating my website.

This domain was recently registered (April 27th 2023) on So i contacted them but stil waiting for an anwser. I also noticed that googles started to index the content ( 5 pages already indexate last wednesday ). Google seems to answer my request in desindexate this pages immediately, which is a good news to avoid duplicate seo content problem. 

After one day, this domain wasn't available and i was thinking i was finally ok with this problem, but i noticed that tis website restart to be available on the web.

Anyone has an idea for a solution? How can we protect better or shopify website that are day after day attacked by cloaking problem ( chinese spam on collections/vendors  problem )...

Thanks for any help!