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Hello ,
please I have a question, here I was on prestashop with planet hoster I went to shopify, I now have 2 websites:

I want to keep the 2nd site but the problem is that when I add articles it is added to the shopify site.
how to keep only
I have another problem the prices are displayed in dollars on shopify how to change the price?
Thank you for your help


Shopify Partner
689 82 272 ... This is only your Software-Name to work on your Store.


This is your primary Shop-Domain:


Use the integrated Blog-Function in Shopify or establish a new Subdomain, for example: to create a second Domain. But thats not the way Google will like your Content.


To change the Currency of your Store take a closer look at: Online Shop > Themes > Live-Themes > Settings > Currency-Settings or go to: Shopify > Settings > Shop-Details > Scrolldown > Currency & Country.


I hope that helps.

Stephan | Co-Founder @ Klondev Automation GmbH
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