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Shipping Cost Charge Twice

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Hi, we're having trouble calculating our shipping rates, as we're a company with two stores in separate locations. When a customer orders products from both stores on our website, they are charged twice for shipping instead of once. The problem seems to stem from the fact that we process and ship our orders from our two stores. The shopify system then understands that we'll be processing orders from two separate warehouses.

Are there any similar cases? If so, what solutions have you found to get around this problem?


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Hello @Thibault_BLK ,


We seem to have found a solution to this problem. You should be able to avoid double charging when items in cart are from different location using our app ShipMagic.

However, it will only work with flat rate shipping as of now, due to limitations of the Shopify API. If interested, please install the app and reach out to the live chat support for more information on this.

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