20 POS features gone on 10/31/20 unless shops pay $89/mo?

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Hi there,


I pulled up this page and it is showing many features on the Shopify plan as unavailable unless an extra $89/mo for the new Shopify POS Pro. 


Is Shopify taking these features away? Here are the ones I am referring to that are currently available on the Shopify plan, but seem to only be available with the $89/mo charge.


  1. Buy online, pick up in store
  2. Buy online, return in store
  3. Buy in store, ship to customer
  4. Custom printed receipts - Customize and print receipts with your website URL, store hours, promotions, or store policies.
  5. Exchanges - Exchange past orders made online or at any retail location from any store.
  6. Save / retrieve carts
  7. Unlimited store staff
  8. Staff sales
  9. Stock adjustments
  10. Transfers
  11. Inventory counts - Stocky App
  12. Purchase orders - Stocky App
  13. Inventory receiving - Stocky App
  14. Demand forecasting - Stocky App
  15. Inventory analysis - Stocky App
  16. Sale item suggestions - Stocky App
  17. Low stock reports - Stocky App
  18. Detailed inventory reports - Stocky App
  19. Cash tracking - Balancing your cash drawer throughout the day
  20. Daily sales reports
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I too find the jump in price to be a bit of a shock.  I JUST left Lightspeed for Shopify, and did so partly because the cost was much better than Lightspeed. This jump creeps me right back up to Lightspeed prices. I mean come on.... wha,!  Your cost just more than doubled?!?

Accounts who were already getting Stocky should be grandfathered in without the Additional $89.  

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This is simply outrageous. 


I'm looking for alternatives. I used vend and lightspeed in the past, but the price also high for lightspeed and vend doesn't seem to offer ecommerce anymore. 

If you guys find and alternative please let me know.

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@Amylemo wrote:

I too find the jump in price to be a bit of a shock.  I JUST left Lightspeed for Shopify, and did so partly because the cost was much better than Lightspeed. This jump creeps me right back up to Lightspeed prices. I mean come on.... wha,!  Your cost just more than doubled?!?

Accounts who were already getting Stocky should be grandfathered in without the Additional $89.  

Hi, You said you just left lightspeed for Shopify.  We are researching both POS platforms. We have not used either other than the trails. We are a Jewelry store and looking for a new POS and eCommerce.  If the price was not an issue, which system would you use Lightspeed or Shopify POS?  We would need it to do everything such as inventory management, instore and online sales etc.  Thank you for any insight. 

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It looks to me like they will eventually try to phase out the free version or over time make it so useless that no one can really use it.  Honestly, it reminds me of how MANY Shopify apps do things....they start our free or close to free, then they release a better version then slowly reduce the free one until hardly no one could actually use it but the smallest of stores. I think that is pretty much what Shopify is trying to do here. But to be honest Stocky used to be free and people still paid money for inventory management softwares for a reason....because Stocky isnt all that great and certainly not for $89. Shopify is kidding itself to think that its POS with what used to be a free app bundled into it is worth $89 a month. 


Just think last month people were using the POS and Stocky for free and now that same product is $89....makes me want to transfer my store elseware.


I was JUST fixing to start using the Shopify POS instead of my QB POS (use the QB POS for inventory management only) and integrate a web/pos loyalty program....but now I think I need to slam on the brakes. I cant trust Shopify, I think I need to find a different POS that integrates with Shopify. I'm not interested in putting myself in bondage to a company that goes WAY up on its price and STILL has a incomplete product!!!

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Stocky didn’t sync my cost of goods, such a basic thing and it can’t do that.

I’m leaving Shopify, just haven’t decided yet.
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Has anyone gotten a straight answer about this? Anytime I've seen this asked, Shopify either point to the page that @John24 referred to in their initial post, or just don't respond.

Unless they can fast-track a roadmap that gives this POS the bare minimum necessities that would make it comparable to any other POS on the market, in Australia I can tell you right now USD$89 is not going to fly. I just want a straight answer, so I can find an option that actually works for my clients who have just hobbled along on the piss-poor free POS version that exists. No layby, can't exchange an order more than once, and no integration with Afterpay/Zippay? And we STILL don't get that paying a premium? Hell no.

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I was about to purchase a new template to upgrade my site, but I now think that instead, I should be looking for a new provider.



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@Silvia_2104   exactly, I was waiting on them to get the free one actually a complete product!  The LEAST they could have done if releasing a expensive updated version is make it complete!  With Shopify and POS pro, you still have to purchase a good QBO integration which is a extra $75+ and many cheap POS have a very good QBO integration built in! Stocky needed to be more robust, providing better tracking of cogs and a FULL financial integration with QBO to be worth $89/month


With the POS pro and a QBO integration I would be nearly at the cost of Dear inventory/order management system which has its own POS that is better than the Shopify POS, amazing Shopify integration, and amazing QBO integration. It is SOOOO full featured that it makes the POS pro with Stocky look like hot garbage. Yet they cost pretty much the same when you add in all the extra apps you need to make Shopify POS work for a real business. Heck, the HIKE POS is better than Shopify POS pro with stocky and it is only $99 a month and has a great integration with Shopify which includes a full QBO integration! The ERPAG inventory management does also and is roughly the same price as the POS pro!  Heck the free version was so lacking that it ends up costing you as much as these full featured systems like Hike and Erpag!

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I am a part of the Retail Specialist Team. Thanks for getting in touch with us and I am happy to be helping you out.

That is a great question. We have not announced any dates for deprecating the "classic" POS presently. Everything is in a bit of a flux at the moment and the "classic" POS will continue to function as is for the time being. However the "classic" POS will eventually be discontinued and at that point you will need to update to the All-New POS. If you were curious about the All-New POS and its features you can check out the resources below.


This is the reply I got from support via email when I asked about the features being removed from the POS. The price for the new POS is not competitive when you consider all the lack of features. The new look is supposed to cover the glitches and complete lack of upgrades. We are having a night mare using it for the last week.

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Wow, I guess Shopify is assuming the number of clientele that will jump ship will be offset by the number of those forced to pay the additional $89/mon. This will certainly open the door wide open for competitors to pick up a wide range of ex-Shopify customers.


We personally, moved 100% of our business to Shopify for full integration, but will for sure be exploring options to cover all the bases we relied on Shopify  for. But hey, I'm sure our 'tiny' business is just a drop in their massive bucket.

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can you please advise how I can change back to Classic. The all new POS is very difficult to work with loss of functionality and intuitiveness. I hope that Shopify reviews this decision as the Classic was a far better option to what I have experienced with the update.