A customer is threatening a chargeback but won't communicate with me - will I be protected?

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A couple of days ago, a customer reached out via email with the subject line TOO SMALL, a message that said "I can't get my  leg in", and that's it. No name, no product information, no order number, nothing to identify. Today they messaged again, not in the message thread I've sent, but as a new message, saying basically the same thing. I have sent the email address about 5-6 emails requesting information - in the initial thread, in the second thread, as a separate, singular message, and yet no response.


I just received an mms message to my inbox claiming someone is going to report to their credit card company. Again no name, no product information, nothing. I text messaged the phone number asking if it was the customer, and if so, could they please read their emails so that I can help them out. Again, no response.


If this customer does request a chargeback, will the ignored communications serve as adequate protection? I'm not certain this person is a scammer so much as perhaps not very savvy. I want to assist, but I don't want to lose money, either. Any advice is appreciated!

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Greetings, @changelessbeaut.


Thank you for reaching out and posting this question.


I understand that you're trying to assist a customer with their order; however, they aren't responding to your message directly, nor are they accepting the help you're offering. While I can't say for sure whether the messages can serve as adequate protection, as chargebacks and inquiries are handled and reviewed by the company that issued the credit card. Nevertheless, it is best to keep the messages, so that you can provide them as part of the evidence when/if the customer does raise a dispute. I'd also recommend taking a look at our guide on resolving a chargeback or inquiry


That being said, if you'd like to have some added protection for preventing fraud orders or customer abuse, then I'd encourage checking to see if your store is eligible for Fraud Protect with Shopify Payments. However, If your store doesn't use Shopify Payments or you're ineligible for Fraud Protect, then you can consider using Signifyd as well. If you need any assistance with Signifyd, then the developer is always available to assist you - you can reach out to them directly through the contact information found in the Support section of their app's page. 


Has the customer replied to the original thread and/or accepted your assistance with their order since? 

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Thank you for the feedback. The customer did eventually begin communicating
with me, and I was able to initiate a return label. I'm not certain they
will follow through, but I have done what I can to satisfy the demand and
try to return the funds.