Add a UPC / barcode via the POS app or another app?

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We have tons of new products coming in on a weekly basis.  It would hugely beneficial if we were able to scan in barcodes to products via the POS app (in the 'view product details page' would be a best case).  Is this possible natively within the POS app? 


Is there an app that we could add a tile for that allows for scanning the barcode and syncs to the product? 


A work-around that has failed is that our Socket scanners are and must remain in iOS mode -- switching to HID mode to scan into the Admin app and then back to iOS mode is not feasible. 


In short, we're looking for a work-around to add product UPC within the POS app.  


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Could you use the Shopify app itself (not the Shopify POS app)? The Shopify app has an "Inventory Scanner" that appears under the "Products" tab on both iOS and Android that can be used to scan received inventory for different locations.


There technically is support for this in the POS via the Stocky app if you have the POS Pro edition, but it opens the scanner in Safari rather within the app. No idea why this feature does not exist natively within the POS app itself, but given that there hasn't been any changes or new features to the POS app in over a year, I would not expect it to ever be available natively.

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I forgot to include this info in my original post: 


We found the inventory scanner function in the Admin app but . . . our legacy system did not include the preamble and check digit on the UPCs, and the camera scanner includes them.  We have our Socket scanners set to omit the preamble and check so unfortunately all future scans have to match this format.  


Also, for more context, re-scanning all current products is not really an option.  We are retail liquor with 9k+ individual skus.