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Added Location and want EVERY existing and new product to be added by default

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Hi all, I have a simple company. I fulfill from one location but I create new sales locations for when I am doing pop-ups and trunk shows in new regions. The main issue for me is to make sure that when I travel to do a pop-up or trunk show with my PoS Card-Swipe, I want to make sure that every item in my store by default shows up on my PoS no matter what location I have switched my PoS settings to. I just learned that to be charging the correct tax when I travel for a pop-up or trunk show I had to set up a location for where the show was taking place. I am just anxious to make sure that my PoS equipment will have all my inventory listed no matter which location I have chosen. Is there something I have to do in my Shopify admin settings or should it work by default? Thanks, John

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Hi @HauteVictoire 


A new POS location entails a new inventory tab generated for each product. To make sure your stock carries over, you can mirror your stock in bulk to that of your original location, otherwise they would all show up as not stocked at that POS location. 


One thing you could do, quoting Shopify's documentation:

"In-store purchases that are completed using Shopify POS use available inventory from the location where the sale is made. If the orders are placed to be shipped to the customer's address, then they use inventory based on how online orders are set up rather than the store's location."


You could theoretically add their address as a Ship To, thus adjusting your initial inventory. 

Let me know if you have additional questions! 

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JHKCreate, I first wanted to thank you for responding to my question. I will have to read through your response carefully and let you know how it goes.


Regards, John

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