Adding Local Delivery at the end POS Checkout

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Im small local furniture store, where we only do sales/delivery in 25 miles radius of our business.

I been using shopify platform for about 3 years just as online catalog without selling on it. Now I want to start selling with it. I have my whole store setup with products and inventory. I only see few problems hopefully I can get some help. 

My first issue is adding local delivery at the end of my POS (brick and mortar) store checkout.  About 90% of my business is delivering my products. I want to add a calendar or a place(text bubble?) for delivery date/time for the sales people to easily organize dates and time for delivery.

My second issue is I want my delivery team to get signatures for the products they delivered. About once to twice year I get a customer(worst type of person aka porch pirates) lying they didn't get the items trying to beat the system. Where they always failed because we always get a signature after they completed the delivery.

My third issue, I want to limit online buying for just 25 miles radius. I don't want to be delivering products all over the world. 

Any advice/tips would be thankful! 

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Hi moe1044,

Welcome to Shopify and congrats on the furniture store.

Regarding the issues you listed, you will need to use third-party apps to achieve what you want. Fortunately Shopify's App Store has tons of apps to help here.

I am part of the team working on two apps that may help you.

For your first issue, I would recommend our app Supertime which allows you to set up a calendar on your store cart page for your customers to select a date/time for local delivery. You can create custom schedules, block off dates, and delivery windows, and the user can pick what they want using a calendar and drop-downs.

For your second issue, I would recommend out app EasyRoutes, a Local Delivery Routes Planner for Shopify. It takes your orders and turns them into optimized delivery routes you can share with your drivers. It also lets you capture proof of delivery. We were the Staff Pick a couple weeks ago!

As for your third issue, I am not sure which app to recommend here, but there are a number that help with shipping and postal code restrictions.

I hope this helps!

EasyRoutes Local Delivery ( - Local delivery superpowers for your Shopify store
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Hi moe1044, just following up regarding your third issue. Here is an article on how to set up delivery radius' within Shopify. Hope this helps!

EasyRoutes Local Delivery ( - Local delivery superpowers for your Shopify store