Adding Location to the Shopify URL Path

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Hello Shopify Experts!

This is one of those things that would really help out your brick and mortar shops, to work better with google and google my business. 

We stated using a microsite for people who click through from our GMB (Google My Business), and google maps. We had to tweak the URL to make it work. {}

It works, but it would be better if we could add /locations to the path in our URL.  {}  This is the way google would like it, to verify we aren't doing something shifty. 

Thank you in advance!



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Hi @Matt37 !

You could do that via a redirect in Shopify using any free Third party app assuming your microsite is running on Shopify.

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The problem with a redirect is that it's not native to our site. So we lose the benefits in the google algorithm.  Google specifically wants microsites for local search to be in a /Locations path.  Shopify doesn't allow you to add /locations as part of your path on the site. 

Especially if we open up multiple stores.