Adding NEW POS system to a store

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Hello Everyone!

The store I currently work for has an outdated POS system which we are looking to update. I am extremely familiar with Shopify for online selling not for POS selling. We plan to link Shopify to our ebay and amazon account but i need to make this clear, our brick and mortar store is #1.

We will have atleast 10k plus products to go live and atleast 1/4 of them will be on ebay and amazon.

#1 Do you think the shopify POS system will be able to handle it?
#2 If not we have been looking at someone like Vend? Thoughts?
#3 If not the above 2 can anyone link me something that you use and can answer me any questions i have privately?

This has to be hardcore about analytics and inventory! 

Thanks in advance 

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