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Adding Serial Numbers to Products

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I have a brick and mortar store and want to implement a self check out but the products need to be able to have unique serial numbers for every product whether they are the same size/color/type or not.  Is there a third-party app that allows us to input a serial number into every item? 

I would prefer that Shopify engineers implement this asap as an option.  It would greatly benefit Shopify because many industries would use it beyond self-checkout such as warranty issues, returns, RFID solutions, self-checkout, shrink reduction, labor cost reduction, personalized service increase, batch tracking and more.  I think that it can be done quickly through Shopify Products and in order to be on the cutting edge of technology this must be implemented immediately.





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We would also be in need of serial numbers added for warranty and layaway purposes. We retail furniture and appliances. Every appliances has a SKU, Barcode and Serial Number. We could sell the a customer multiple freezers which would have the same SKU and Barcode but each have individual Serial Numbers. This should be a standard feature and would benefit many businesses.

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I found this thread because we need something also.  Interesting that it's still not integrated or even an option after 2 years of this being worked on.  The barcode reader app itself gets 2 stars and was launched in 2018!

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That is why we left shopify POS
we use the web but the POS is really really lacking many features.
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2 years down the line and posts are still being made requesting intergrating a serial number, have to admit i too am thinking time to move if something that should be simple for the right person to write into the software cannot be instigated? i am sure many would pay for an app that would do this! c'mon guys we know and you know its possible

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It’s existed for a while.  Just use SendOwl

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I moved our POS over to LightSpeed it was a little bit of a learning curve
but we now have a script that is running every 10 minutes to update from
LightSpeed to Shopify
The guys at Lightspeed recommended if you people but the system that they
had for syncing was too complicated so I had one of our guys create a
script and we just kept it really simple as soon as we sell something on
our POS it would update Shopify

Now he’s creating some thing that will take orders from Shopify and update

The serial numbers in lightspeed is really easy to us and follow
we scan our own sku’s
The we just look at the serial number that’s on the item and we pull it
from a drop-down list that’s already populated when we did our purchase
I hope that helps 🤙🏽

Also Lightspeed just today released an update on label creator so you can
adjust it unlike Shopify pos

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We ended up doing this same thing except we ended up using accumula for the full integration including gift card syncing between lightspeed and shopify. Works great.
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Hi all,


I understand your frustration; this long thread has been ignored for a few years. To help combat some of the issues mentioned, I built Serializer - Product Tracking


Currently, with the app, you can

  • Associate serial numbers with order line items.
  • Search items by serial numbers and quickly pull up customer, order and product information.
  • Track warranty.
  • Embed item information on your website, email/SMS notifications or other areas in Shopify with customisable templates (e.g. order printing apps). 

Unfortunately, the app does not currently allow checking items in and out, but I may add this functionality in the future. I'd like to understand better if you guys are still interested in this feature or have moved on elsewhere. If you're interested, feel free to PM me. I'd love to have a chat with you.





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been using serializer for a few weeks now - it works! highly recommend

here is the link

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I need also adding serial numbers in Shopify. Very strange this possiblility is not there. 

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been using serialize for a while now, highly recommend

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i was with you guys and moved to lightspeed becouse of this 

i love shipify and might be coming back this is crazy to me that a big company like yours can not do a simple add on to software and we have to go outsource this to some small company and pay more 

let me know if you guys figuered this out we are big luxury watch retiler and hoefully are coming back to you guys. 

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Hi Giedrius


Our company sells medical devices and products like wheelchairs in Switzerland and the EU. New medical device regulations state that all sold products MUST come with a trackable serial number. Next will probably even be the lot number.


I stumbled upon your app by pure chance and am going to give it a try. I hope it works, as there doesn't seem to be another app for this on the Shopify store.


Keeping my fingers crossed.


In any case, your app seems to really fill a HUGE gap in Shopify, especially for stores in highly regulated fields such as the medical device market.


I'll keep you posted.



Marc from Rehasys