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We recently came to shopify after being sold a dream, wasn't what we expected at all and the old till we used to use which is 20 years old seems to do what we need yet shopify doesn't... wierd right?

So we are using x2 ipads for all POS sales (because you have to because laptops can't weird right) but for barcodes labels because in the UK everything needs a price, we have 10000 products in the store and everything needs a label, we deal with 40+ suppliers and some are easy some are hard.

#1 I want a printer so the other staff members don't need to sign into a laptop just to print off basic labels for products! It seems so off that the app works on the iPad (Retail barcodes) but the printer they sell you doesn't work...

The Dymo Labelwriter Printer does not work with ipads, the Dymo Labelwriter Printer does not work with Airprint but does work with ipads so in a nutshell, can't work with shopify.

Does anyone have a solution please! Dymo just won't work the way its needed to, they have told me that themselves, What about Brother printers?

Has anyone been through the same process as me?


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did you ever get to the bottoms of this? We have hit same wall....



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