Any have the POS Go? Looking for reviews.

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I know they just released it so it's fairly fresh, however I'm looking at transitioning away from the larger POS unit. The portable seems nicer for the event shows I do and I can use that table space for products.

One thing I was curious about, can you link it via blue-tooth to a receipt printer? Some events I go to require you to print receipts for customers. It's a huge pain to have to input in phone numbers and emails to send it electronically (I do though) but in the instances where it's needed, having the ability to physically print would be nice.

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Hi Melissa, We appreciate your interest in POS Go! Unfortunately since POS Go is a PCI certified payment device, certain PCI requirements limit the ability to support Bluetooth peripherals that do not meet a specific security requirement. The Bluetooth printers we currently sell do not satisfy these requirements, and so POS Go does not currently support Bluetooth printers. We are considering adding support for a new mobile Bluetooth printer that satisfies these requirements and would support printed receipts from POS Go, but there is no timeline for this feature right now.

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Unfortunately we had a pretty bad experience with this device. We ordered it for an event.  It is amazing but kept giving a black screen which was only fixed when we did a factory reset so we needed to completely re-setup the device.  So I tried to return but they said if it is broken they wont return and I need to go through the warranty route which that process takes forever so we were forced to use another option for the event.  It is unfortunate.  But their support and devices seem to be very low quality when it comes to support and device quality.  I would recommend something looking for another solution. 

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I am having the exact same issue we got this yesterday did one transaction and then it did the black screen. Had to factory reset, redo everything, redo the updates, and then after one transaction it did it again. This is horrible, I was thinking of switching from Square but their hardware has never failed me like this in years.