Anyone notice any new functionality in Stocky?

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I just noticed the user interface has some changes which is nice to know there's some attention being given to Stocky. A brief poke around so far and I haven't found any new functionality but I'm wondering if you did.


While on the topic, what is your wishlist for Stocky?


For me, it's the ability to have multiple receiving vouchers (typically from multiple shipments) against a purchase order. Each would have a running total for the merchandise cost so you can match it against the vendor's invoice total.


Also, that the search functionality when searching for products on purchase orders mimic the way searching in Admin and searching in POS works. Namely, that you don't have to type the words in the exact order that they're in the product title. For example, in Admin and POS when you type "short red girls t-shirt" it'll find a list of products. In Stocky, you must type in "girls red short sleeve t-shirt" if you want to find that product. 

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