App for Build Your Own?

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I'm looking for some guidance for setting up a Build Your Own system in Shopify POS.


The idea is that this system will be facing staff, and not facing the customer. This solution is required for the Food & Beverage industry and will be used to place orders. This will only be available through the POS, it will not be available on the Shopify website side.


The Build Your Own product will have a base price and then ideally flow through the following sections:


Base --> Items --> Premium Items --> Options --> Checkout


The system needs to have the following functionality:


- Ability to select a maximum of two base items (from a selection of 8 items) (no overages).

- Ability to select 4 Standard items (from a selection of 12) (included / no extra costs)

- Ability to add more Standard items if desired (from the selection of 12) (at a fixed cost for every Standard item over 4)

- Ability to add Premium items. Each Premium item would have an individual cost associated to it

- Ability for staff to quickly navigate through the process from Start to Checkout to complete the order.


I'm not if Bundles would necessarily meet all this criteria. 



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