App or another way for Tracking customer backordered items?

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We have a Home decor and furniture store and when we order furniture it can take several weeks to get the items for the customer. The more people do order items the more difficult it becomes to keep track of everything you have on order with various vendors and customers. Is there a way to be able to keep track of customer orders from other vendors in Shopify? For instance: Customer 1 orders 3 pieces of furniture that are all from different vendors and each vendor has a different timeline to get the product to us. We are looking for a way to better track it so when we have 50 people with orders outstanding with different vendors we can track where the orders are in the process and keep them updated better and not loose track of the orders.
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Hi @HouseMarket ,


Welcome to the community! Having more orders than you can keep track of is a good problem to have 🙂 

You'll need a system that can give you the insight and ability to update vendor details and timelines and associate it with orders and their line items. If you're exhausted from searching in the app store we can discuss building a custom app that gives you exactly what you're looking for and more.

Please email us if interested at or visit our website: 


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Curious if you've found a way to do this!  We add tags in orders to help but it's far from ideal