Apple Pay & Store Pickup Issue

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We are having a problem with apple pay. When customers use apple pay, their order automatically reverts to shipping and the store pickup option is not available. I then have to go in and manually refund the shipping fee and email them when their order is ready for pickup. How can I change this? This is time consuming and frustrating on the customer's end as well. This should be seamless but it is not. 

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This is a longstanding issue with Shopify, and they don't seem remotely interested in fixing it. Here's another thread on the same topic:

And another thread:

I don't have much faith they'll fix it. The first comment I saw was from April 2020. It's October 30, 2021. They. Don't. Care.

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Hi there,

Marija here from Zapiet. I understand your sentiment, and I hope there will be a native solution available soon.

In the meantime, our Store Pickup + Delivery app should work with express checkout methods if set up correctly.

If you would like to give it a try, please take a look at our Express checkout methods article

We're also happy to answer any further questions you might have regarding our app—let us know if you need help!🙂

Take care,


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I have the same issues with local delivery and apple pay.  What is the solution for this?? 

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Come on Shopify. This is a burning issue. Please raise it higher onto your priority list. I have hair salon clients who really needs this . . . 

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Yes, shopify, we need you to solve this?

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We are literally having this same issue . We wanted Apple Pay on our website to make it FAST . But when ppl pay with apple pay it does not allow them to select PICK UP . These things really need to be looked into and changed 

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@Shopify this is still an issue as of 20 minutes ago! As a product based business in the early stages, a lot of my customers are local. I have just had one complain they couldn’t select pick up and use Apple Pay. 
Please tell me you are going to find a fix???