Are us folks who can't afford to upgrade our older devices to iOS 13 about to be severely screwed?

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So, I just got an email about a mandatory POS update that has to be installed by June 30, but please don't forget that Shopify abandoned its support for devices running iOS 12 last year. PLEASE tell me this doesn't mean that I'll have to pay several hundred bucks to replace my perfectly good ipad mini 2 just to be able to keep running my shop?


Can we get some more concrete details about this update - especially how "mandatory" it actually is?



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I'm concerned that you got this email, but we didn't! I would like to know why we aren't EVER informed about ANY changes. I realize the changelog is hardly every actually updated when they make big changes (and certainly not for smaller changes) but this is a big one that should be pushed to all POS retailers..... I look forward to @Shopify replying to your question.

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I have not received anything about OS requirements for any mandatory updates. I'm not sure if maybe only customers receive them that are running older versions of iOS or not. 


But with all due respect. you're running your business POS system on a 10 year old iPad. I wouldn't dare trust my operations to a 10 year old iPad that can't even support the newest OS and security updates.

If a few hundred bucks isn't worth keeping your businesses POS operations running, there's other things to worry about. Purchase a new iPad as a business expense and write it off on your taxes. 

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Hi @Chrisjigsaw 


Thank you for sharing your question and your concerns here. I'd be happy to address those for you.


In regards to the mandatory point of sale update you received an email about: The newest version of our POS app (8.6.1 +) has a security update that is required for the app to remain PCI compliant. We are asking all merchants who are running an outdated version of the POS app to update by June 30, 2023. If you would like to learn more about PCI compliance and how important it is, Forbes has a great article you can read here: What Is PCI Compliance? Everything You Need To Know.


@petgrocer Merchants who are still using devices that can automatically update to the newest version of the app would not have received these communications. 


To confirm, yes you will need to update your POS hardware to support the newest version of the point of sale app to ensure your business is upholding industry standards of security. I recognize that the cost of a new device can be a hit to your bottom line, but the security of your customer data is vitally important. 

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