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Hi there,

We recently made the switch from Shopify POS and after a few weeks of operating we have noticed that our customers receive our automated emails after every in-store POS transaction (including returns and exchanges). We currently use CM Commerce for automated email marketing, however there is not a way to disable these automated POS emails through the CM Commerce app. 

1. Is there an automated email marketing app that allows segmentation of POS and e-commerce email receipts? We want our customers to receive the automated "Thank you for shopping with us!" receipt email, however for certain transactions we do not want them to be notified. For example, we had a customer purchase a gift for a friend. The friend exchanged the item for multiple other items. The customer that purchased the gift in the first place received an automated email with her friend's exchange receipt - we do not want this to happen with every exchange/return. 

2. Is there a way to manually enter items for an exchange? With POS, we have been exchanging using the order # attached to a customer's receipt. However, because we are switching from a different in-store operating system, our customers have receipts for orders that were never input into Shopify. How would we initiate an exchange on our iPad using POS in this case? 

3. Is there a way to change the customer name for exchange transactions? We have a loyalty program through Smile and when a customer exchanges a gift that was originally purchased under someone else's name, the original customer (not the recipient of the gift) is getting loyalty points for the exchange. If someone is making an exchange and purchasing more items during the same transaction, we want the customer that is making the purchase to receive points. Is there a way to switch to a different customer's account during the exchange transaction? 


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A response to these questions would have been helpful for me too.

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Did you ever get any guidance from Shopify on this?  I can't even seem to get the emails we capture on the POS out of their system to use for iContact.   I'm thinking all of this is an afterthought for Shopify.