Automatic discounts specific to POS channel

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Hello! I would like to set up an automatic discount for POS that other customers online can't access.


We're doing a pop-up event and want to give a blanket discount when selling in-person—hopefully, without needing to enter a code every time we check someone out on POS. My first thought was an automatic discount, but we definitely don't want regular, online customers to get the same discount. I don't currently see a way to specify discounts by sales channel.


Any advice or apps that might help?

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Set up the discount you want as a tile (use the add tile feature) and manually add it to each sale.

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I’m going to add our store to this issue. We have three brick and mortar stores  and one online store. Sometimes we need to offer clearance sales in our POS locations that we would not offer online. Additionally, for those of us with multiple locations, we also need the ability to offer POS location specific automatic discounts for special events in one location Vs another.