Automatically rounding to the nearest 5 cents so we don't have to use pennies when making change

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We are a Canadian food services business that is migrating from Micros/Oracle POS to the Shopify POS. After the Canadian government's decison to get rid of pennies many years ago, Micros/Oracle POS provided the capability to round to the nearest 5 cents for cash transactions so we didn't have to use pennies when we made change. I don't see the capability in the Shopify POS, have contacted Support and was informed that Shopify does not currently have the capability to round to the nearest 5 cents automatically.  Does anyone know anything about this?  Varying taxes of 13%, 8%, and 5% applied on different items at the cash make impossible to round our prices beforehand. We need the capability at the checkout. Your help would be much appreciated!



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We are also a Canadian retailer and we asked for the same thing when we first went to Shopify. We got the standard "we will pass that on to our engineers" response as you get for virtually everything Shopify.  We have also just been advised that our Moneris system will no longer be integrated requiring that we manually enter credit card details into a separate system.  Welcome to Shopify.

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This is such a shame. Our shop is based in Malaysia, and we also don't use single cents. I've seen many topics raised about this dating back to 2015 and maybe earlier. You'd think that they would have done something about this by now. Please help us, Shopify!!

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To add to this, Shopify is a Canadian company and we don't use pennies.  We were using Vend POS for 6 years, they have penny rounding built into their system (USA Company).    Food for thought.

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Yes it’s now 2022!

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Is this still not done yet?

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The App automatically rounds to nearest 0.05 and many other values, and also allows you to work on POS or Online store as per your choice.


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So expensive and time-consuming to set up for something that should be a standard option when setting up POS. Come on Shopify, you're a global company. I'm based in NZ and the smallest coin we have is 10c. All our receipts and sales with cash are calculated incorrectly due to the a inability to choose a rounding option.

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It is if you use Shopify payments you can, however because we are a vape shop, we are not allowed to use shopify payments.   Stupid policy.

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Shopify, do you still not have a solution? It's even difficult to find an app that can do this. This is a standard requirement not a specialized need. PLEASE update this.