Barcode Scanners at Point of Sale - existing hardware compatible?

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We have just changed to Shopify POS, we are using an IPad and Star Mpop till drawer, we have been a retail space with stores for many years so already have lots of existing hardware. I wanted to check if it's for sure only the scanners recommended by Shopify that will work?

I have tried plugging in the many previous 1D barcode scanners we already have but no luck so far with anything actually scanning into the POS app. I just wanted to make sure i wasn't missing a trick, before purchasing more scanners and seeing our pretty new hardware go to waste?


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Hi @KA85,

Unfortunately, Shopify POS only supports certain barcode scanners - read more.

However, you are able to use our App EasyScan to create orders, fulfill orders, manage your inventory all using standard barcode scanners that plug into your computer. As long as it outputs the correct data into your basic Notes app then it will work  🙂

If you would like a demo please let me know, or contact me directly on our support channel.



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